A Mysterious New Ford ST-Tuned Vehicle is Coming to Detroit


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Earlier today, Ford Performance posted a video on its Facebook page showing noted former-Stig Ben Collins walking with a Ford employee past a line of vehicles. At the end of the line, the employee introduces Collins to a vehicle the camera doesn’t actually show. Instead, it cuts to the screenshot you see above, an ST badge on a blue car. “Stay tuned,” it reads. The caption below the video, meanwhile, says, “The newest addition to the Ford Performance lineup is sure to catch everyone’s attention.”

The question is, though, what car are they talking about? The caption makes it pretty clear this is a teaser for some sort of fun-to-drive vehicle, and the image above suggests it will be some kind of ST. Sadly, it’s not likely a U.S.-spec Fiesta ST. The part of the caption that calls it the “newest addition” makes it sound like the new ST-badged vehicle won’t be a redesigned version of a car that previously carried the ST badge. That likely means it isn’t a Focus or Taurus, either.

Some commenters have suggested it might be a Fusion ST, but we doubt it. A Fusion is clearly shown at the beginning of the video, along with several other vehicles like the GT, F-150 Raptor, and Shelby GT350. Plus, it’s highly likely that Ford will kill off the North American version of the Fusion soon, so it doesn’t make sense to add a model that’s even sportier than the Fusion Sport.

Most likely, the car in question is one of Ford’s crossovers. Whether it’s the EcoSport, Escape, Edge, Explorer, or Expedition, we can’t be sure, but if we had to guess, the Explorer and Expedition are probably too large for the ST treatment.

Then again, we also probably shouldn’t count out the Transit Connect. After all, who wouldn’t want a track-tuned commercial van?

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