2017 Jaguar F-Pace Review – Long-Term Update 2


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Shortly after we published our F-Pace arrival story online, a friendly email arrived from proud owner Gregory Craig of Denver, Colorado, with several suggestions he culled from “the collective experience of hundreds of owners” and “many more lurkers and pre-buy folks” on www.fpaceforum.com.

One suggestion was to make sure the dealer executes a thorough PDI. This was not useful for us because we had already received our Jaguar, but it was definitely sound advice for those looking to buy not only an F-Pace but also any new car. Predelivery inspection is the process of checking off dozens of different service points, including but not limited to such things as removing any protective films or covers, checking all fluid levels, installing the front license plate, and testing all systems from cruise control to HVAC. One of the things Craig recommended we check was that the Jaguar’s InControl TouchPro infotainment system was running the latest version of the software. This turns out to be difficult to confirm 100 percent, but after examining various clues on the forum, it looks as though we need to have our system updated (though we have yet to experience any glitches).

The most useful recommendation addressed the F-Pace’s ride, which we have called out as “Conestoga-like” depending on the wheel size and driving surface. “Every reviewer gripes about the ride, however there’s a very simple fix that we owners have discovered,” Craig wrote. “Take the tire pressure down from the Jaguar recommended setting and make sure in the car options that you set the vehicle for light load, as appropriate. Makes a massive difference on any sized tires including the 22’s.”

I ran these suggestions by Jaguar USA, fully expecting an indignant repudiation; instead, the home office replied: “The owner is correct on both technical fronts. There’s a “normal” and a “light load” setting, they do make a big difference. By default the car is set to normal, which should be 43/44 psi [for the 22-inch wheels]. The light setting is 34 psi.”

What is the difference between light and normal loads, as defined by Jaguar? Up to three occupants is a considered a light load. Add two more people, and up to 900 pounds in the cargo area, and you’ll probably max out the gross vehicle weight rating, which is the limit for normal load.

For our 20-inch wheels, the recommended tire pressure settings varied. Online, the normal loads are listed at 41/44 psi for the front/rear tires, but the sticker in the vehicle’s doorjamb listed 43 psi all around. Not that it really matters; we rarely have more than a surfboard in the back seats, so we took the pressures down to 34 psi and will experiment with them for the remainder of the loan. Stay tuned, and thanks for the help, Gregory.

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