Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Up to 1,550 in Q4


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Tesla announced today that it built 29,870 vehicles this past quarter, including 15,200 Model S sedans, 13,120 Model X SUVs, and 1,550 Model 3 cars. Approximately 3,380 vehicles were still in transit at the end of the fourth quarter, a figure that includes about 860 Model 3 cars. That means a total of slightly more than 2,400 Model 3 vehicles were built last quarter.

The California-based EV automaker says it’s been working hard to solve the problems that have significantly slowed Model 3 production. In the last week of Q4, Tesla says it was able to build 793 Model 3 cars, but by the end of that week, the production speed had increased to the equivalent of 1,000 per week. “As a result of the significant growth in our production rate, we made as many Model 3’s since December 9th as we did in the more than four months of Model 3 production up to that point,” the company said in a statement.

Still, those numbers fall far short of the 20,000 Model 3s per month that Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted back in July.

At the same time, Q4 was a much better quarter for Model 3 production than Q3. In that time period, Tesla only delivered 220 copies of the Model 3. Assuming Tesla’s current predictions are close to realistic, look for Model 3 production to stay steady at about 2,500 cars per week through Q1 and most of Q2. At the moment, Tesla doesn’t expect to hit that 5,000-per-week mark until the end of Q2.

Source: Tesla, Elon Musk via Twitter

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