Hyundai Cars Will Feature Voice-Controlled Personal Assistant From 2019


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Hyundai will introduce an advanced voice control system on new models starting from 2019, the automaker announced today. Unlike conventional systems, the “Intelligent Personal Agent” can predict a driver’s needs ahead of time and control additional features such as adjusting the temperature in the cockpit.

The feature can suggest departure times to make sure the driver arrives at a given destination on time, accounting for current traffic data. It can also remind the driver of upcoming meetings. Hyundai says drivers will even be able to control their electronic devices at home via voice commands in their cars. Hyundai already offers the opposite functionality, enabling drivers to control functions on their cars from home via devices compatible with Amazon Alexa.

With the Intelligent Personal Assistant, voice commands will work for features that drivers once had to control manually. These include locking the doors, controlling the sunroof, or adjusting the air conditioning system. Drivers can even say two commands in the same sentence, and the system will perform each separate task. Hyundai teamed up with SoundHound, an audio recognition technology company based in Silicon Valley, on the new feature.

The personal assistant is a step toward connected cars that will offer advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Hyundai will demonstrate the feature in a concept vehicle cockpit at the 2018 CES show in Las Vegas next month.

The automaker will also test out a simplified version of the personal assistant on next-gen fuel cell vehicles in Korea early next year. Initially, the personal assistant will understand only English, but other languages are expected to follow.

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