Company Will Make You a Watch From Recycled Ford Mustang Parts


Mustang watches start at $1,495

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Though it may not be possible to return every classic Ford Mustang to the road, pony cars that are beyond saving can at least live on as decoration for your wrist. A company called REC Watches in Denmark takes parts from old Mustangs and incorporates them into custom timepieces.

The company salvages Mustang parts from junk yards all over the world, but will also accept parts from a customer’s personal car to create a one-of-a-kind watch. REC Watches researches the history of each vehicle by tracking down previous owners and finding vintage photographs showing its past life. The company then creates a video for each watch telling the story of the car that donated parts for its creation. Each watch also lists a car’s VIN and model year, and works in styling cues such as a battery dial designed to look like a fuel gauge and hands and numbers inspired by the Mustang’s instruments.

“Most people would just see a pile of metal, a ghost of a Mustang,” said REC Watches co-founder Christian Mygh, in a release. “We see something completely different–the soul of a car and a story that needs to be told. I’m not cutting up Mustangs. I’m bringing Mustangs that are beyond repair back to life as a watch.”

REC Watches’ customers include Formula Drift champ Vaughn Gittin Jr., who owns a watch made from his Mustang RTR drift car’s carbon-fiber body panels. But turning your old Mustang into a unique watch doesn’t come cheap. REC Watches’ Mustang pieces start at $1,495. For the chance to wear your old car wherever you go, though, that might be worth it to some.

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