Video Tells the Story of the Most Expensive DeLorean Ever Sold


Why one man spent $541K on a Back to the Future dune buggy

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When movie vehicles aren’t needed anymore, many end up rotting in desolate junk yards, only to be discovered decades later in terrible condition. Depending on the film it starred in and its popularity, a movie car can fetch reasonably good money from collectors. That was the case with this DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future Part III, which sold for a cool $541,000.

Owner Bill Shea paid that amount when the DeLorean from Back to the Future III was auctioned off for charity back in 2011. According to Shea, this is the only screen-used Back to the Future DeLorean time machine in the hands of a private owner.

This isn’t just any DeLorean time machine, though–it’s a DeLorean dune buggy. If you have seen the film you may remember the DeLorean jumping through the desert like a Baja race truck. This particular DeLorean has been highly modified for the movie with a full roll bar, Volkswagen suspension, steering, and an old Beetle engine and manual transmission. It may have worked great on camera in 1991, but 26 years later the stunt car isn’t quite as easy to drive, as the presenter shows in the video.

Even the owner admits Back to the Future Part III isn’t as iconic a film as the first movie. So why did he pay $541,000 for this DeLorean/VW hybrid? Check out the video below and find out!

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