Nissan IMx Concept Will Reportedly Influence the Next-Gen Rogue Sport


Just don’t expect as many wild creases or angles

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Even if the new Nissan IMx concept didn’t turn out to be a hotly desired follow-up to the beloved IDx concepts from 2013, the IMx does give us a look at the future of Nissan’s SUV design. According to a report from Auto Express, there’s a good chance the concept’s design will influence the next Nissan Qashqai, known on our shores as the Rogue Sport.

Auto Express talked to Nissan Senior Vice President of Global Design Alfonso Albaisa, who denied the IMx previews what we will see on the next Juke. He told AE the IMx is “just a design study,” but emphasized the concept is an entire segment size larger than the compact Juke. Timing is also key–according to Albaisa, IMx looks “no further” than three years into the future, likely coinciding with the Qashqai’s lifecycle.

Albasia admits the dramatic creases and slashes present on the IMx would be quieted and smoothed out for production, but the concept’s airy, open interior could be a big influence on future cars, with Nissan becoming “more cabin-centric” with later models. As the automaker continues to develop its EV lineup, the method of interior packaging will change, and the IMx will stand as a more realistic design.

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