BMW Says it Won’t Build a Front-Wheel-Drive M Car



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Much like AMG lately, BMW has expanded the number of vehicles it sells with the M badge. Not only can you get full M versions of many more cars than you could in the past, there are also now M-tuned trim levels that don’t quite get the full M treatment. But while BMW will gladly sell you an X4 M40i, don’t expect to see the M badge on front-wheel-drive vehicles anytime soon.

Speaking to Autocar, Dirk Hacker, vice president of the M division, said front-wheel-drive M cars aren’t happening. “You have to be able to feel the car…through the steering and the throttle,” said Hacker. “Today, there is no solution for front-wheel drive.”

Considering that BMW built the new X1 on a front-wheel-drive platform, and the M5 is now all-wheel drive, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if the German automaker threw tradition out the window completely. But at least for now, we’re safe from an M-badged 2 Series Active Tourer.

Unfortunately, Hacker didn’t say a front-wheel-drive M car will never happen. He simply said there isn’t currently a way to get the steering and throttle feel an M car needs if you send the power to the front wheels. If BMW ever solves that problem, who’s to say the M division won’t change its mind?

Source: Autocar

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