Exclusive: See What it’s Like to Get Your Ford GT Delivered


We document the delivery of a half-million-dollar supercar

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Buying a supercar isn’t like buying a Corolla. You don’t pick the right color off the dealer lot. Limited-edition supercars like the Ford GT are even more exclusive, with a special delivery process and a Ford Concierge to personally verify your car is in perfect condition and walk you through every feature. Recently, a friend of Motor Trend invited us to participate in the delivery of his Ford GT at L.A. institution Galpin Auto Sports, and we brought the cameras along so you can experience it, too.

Naturally, there’s a lot of paperwork to do and even more money to change hands, but we skipped all that and went straight to the dessert. Our friend’s GT arrived by private transport and was inspected by the concierge before it even left the truck. After being unloaded and relocated to Galpin’s private museum, the concierge removed all the protective covers and plastic films for final delivery and walked us through every button and screen. Then, he presented us with a special folio containing the build sheet, photos of the car under construction at Multimatic Inc., and the window sticker. It’ll be hard to go back to normal car buying after this.

Watch the video below and flip through the gallery to get a taste of the Ford GT purchasing experience.

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