Nissan to Launch 12 New EVs and Robo-Vehicle Service by 2022


Nissan plans out its future under the new Alliance 2022 plan

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The Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi Motors partnership announced a new six-year plan dubbed Alliance 2022 with the goal of doubling annual profits to 10 million euros ($12 billion). To achieve this goal, the automakers will share common platforms and powertrains, develop all-electric vehicles, expand autonomous driving technologies to 40 vehicles, and operate new mobility services such as autonomous vehicle ride-hailing.

By the end of the six-year plan, the companies hope to sell a combined total of more than 14 million vehicles per year. Total revenue should hit $240 billion, an increase of 30 percent over 2016 levels.

By extending the use of shared platforms and powertrains, the Alliance claims that by 2022 more than 9 million vehicles will be built on four platforms, up from 2 million built on two platforms in 2016. Additionally, the companies plan to share 22 engines out of a total of 31, compared to 14 engines shared out of 38 last year. The automaker will create a new common EV platform with autonomous drive capability and a new B-segment common platform for midsize vehicles.

EVs are a crucial part of Alliance 2022 with 12 all-electric models said to be launched in multiple segments by the end of the plan using shared platforms and components. A new family of electric motors and batteries, to be shared by all member companies, will be introduced in 2020, and a 30 percent decrease in battery costs by 2022 should assist in EV production costs. By 2022, the Alliance claims that a 370-mile EV driving range will be reached and that a quick 15-minute charge will deliver 140 miles of driving range based on the NEDC (European) methodology.

Autonomous drive aspirations include the launch of 40 vehicles with different levels of autonomy – including the first fully autonomous vehicle with no driver intervention by 2022. The plan says that by 2020, autonomous vehicles can run in the city with continuous human monitoring and on the highway with only occasional human intervention. The Alliance is already testing autonomous vehicles with partners DeNA and Transdev to be used for future ride-sharing services and has plans to operate a robo-vehicle ride-hailing service with the help of future partnerships. Providing vehicles for public transportation and car sharing is also in the works.

Lastly, shared vehicle infotainment and connectivity systems and a Connected Cloud platform that manages all data interfaces, autonomous drive vehicle systems, and robo-vehicle services are also being developed all in an effort to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Along with the announcement, Alliance 2022 revealed a new logo and launched a new website.

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