These Are the Cars Detroit Electric Plans to Build Next


A sedan, a sports car, and an SUV

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Last month, we reported that thanks to a $1.8 billion investment, electric startup Detroit Electric plans to expand its lineup, hire hundreds of new workers, and establish a manufacturing facility in China. Now, it’s released a teaser of those upcoming vehicles—a sedan, a sports car, and an SUV.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much other than the general shape of each car, but it does give us a better idea of where Detroit Electric thinks it’s headed. Considering that the electric startup already builds the Lotus Elise-based SP:01, it doesn’t really need a new small sports car. So it makes sense that the sports car it plans to build next will be more of a supercar. Based on what we can see in the teaser, that’s exactly the direction DE is headed.

As for the other two vehicles, sedans and SUVs are about as mainstream as it gets, so it makes sense for an expanding company to fill those segments. In its release, the company describes the upcoming sedan as a “large saloon,” but we’re guessing that means it’ll be more of a Tesla Model S competitor, not an electric take on the Mercedes S-Class. The SUV, meanwhile, looks like it will be a midsizer. Judging based on those fender flares, it’ll probably look pretty cool, too. At least as far as electric crossovers go.

Sadly, despite using the name “Detroit Electric,” there’s no indication that the Chinese-backed U.K. startup plans to start selling cars in the U.S. We’d like the historic brand name to come back home, but we’ll have to wait and see how Detroit Electric takes off in Europe first.

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