Audi and Bang & Olufsen Continue Partnership with A8’s 3D Sound System


1,920 watt system with speakers in the headliner

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It’s a very personal thing, buying a new car. There’s a whole raft of reasons behind each purchase, ranging anywhere from styling to performance to fuel efficiency. It might be a surprise, but some hardcore audiophiles even look for the car within the segment with the most powerful and versatile sound system. High-end collaborations between automaker and audio corporations is nothing new, but it looks like Audi and Bang & Olufsen have taken the temporary lead with their new “3D” system in the new Audi A8 sedan.

Even on paper, it’s impressive—when equipped with the new system, Audi’s newest executive sedan packs 1,920 watts of power, distributed through 23 speakers. These new speakers incorporate lightweight neodymium magnets for distortion reduction and to keep sound as pure as possible.

The speakers aren’t located in the usual places, either. In addition to the A-pillar, there are two embedded in the rear headliner, providing a surround sound experience not found anywhere else. It’s visually dramatic as well—the B&O tweeters emerge from the dashboard when the infotainment system is engaged.

These aren’t just for show either, considering each tweeter is packed with its own amplifier. It’s as customizable as well, with individual controls available from the front MMI command center and a tablet-style interface for the rear passengers.

If you’re interested, the top-of-the-line Audi A8 should be hitting dealership floors sometime toward the end of fall later this year.

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