Ten Injured in Nurburgring Track Day Wreck


Thankfully, nobody died

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One of the great things about the Nürburgring is that it’s open to regular, everyday people. If you want to test your skills in your new Porsche 911, the Nürburgring will let you do that. But the public driving sessions aren’t only limited to performance cars. You can pretty much drive anything around the ‘Ring, even a bus. But as awesome as that is, it’s important to not forget that The Green Hell got its nickname for a reason. Even though it’s open to the public, the Nürburgring is still a dangerous race track.

The Rhineland-Palatinate police department reports that a serious crash took place on Sunday that left 10 drivers injured. Thankfully, everyone who was involved lived, but four of the 10 were hospitalized with serious injuries. The other six had more minor issues. The wreck occurred in the Fuchsröhre section of the track after fluids from one car caused a 10-car pileup. The injured drivers are currently being treated at local hospitals.

According to the police, the damage to the cars is likely several hundred thousand dollars. But considering how popular the Nürburgring can be on days it’s open to the public, and the high-speed nature of the section where the crash happened, this could have easily been worse. Hopefully, everyone involved recovers quickly.

Source: Rhineland-Palatinate police department

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