Electrification Could Force Mercedes-AMG to Reinvent Itself


Performance brand involved in EV development

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Mercedes-AMG, the performance arm of Mercedes-Benz, may be forced to reinvent itself with the advent of electrification. Speaking with Autocar, Drummond Jacoy, the director of vehicle development at Mercedes-AMG revealed that it needs to embrace electrification. Jacoy also points out that Mercedes-AMG has the capability to do electric vehicles, the first being the SLS electric drive back in 2013. “That was a very impressive vehicle for its time and we’ve nurtured that technology and the learning we have from hybrid vehicles,” he told Autocar.

One of the aspects that Jacoy believes allows Mercedes-AMG to stand apart is its involvement in the development of mainstream Mercedes-Benz models. This allows the performance division to ensure that all of Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles can be turned into performance cars. Jacoy also revealed to Autocar that this process continues with the brand’s upcoming electric vehicles; however, it will force Mercedes-AMG to find a new identity since the division’s trademark V-8 growl won’t be there.

In addition to the Project One hypercar, Mercedes-AMG will be developing more electrified vehicles that includes hybrids and EVs in the future. Mercedes-Benz has also announced recently that it has left the DTM Series and will focus its racing efforts in Formule E, hinting that it has prioritized the development of all-electric vehicles. Earlier this year, Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has revealed its own battery plant.

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