Expect a Third Genesis SUV to Arrive in 2021


Crossovers are still king

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For years, Hyundai insisted it had no plans to break its Genesis lineup off into a separate brand. But the way the Korean automaker tells the story, its Genesis sedan got so popular, a separate brand became necessary. Currently, the fledgling luxury brand only sells two cars: the midsize G80 and the full-size G90. Soon, it’ll get a compact 3 Series competitor called the G70, and by 2020, two SUVs will join the lineup. But now it looks like a third Genesis SUV is on its way.

Automotive News reports that Genesis will likely launch a compact crossover in 2021. Manfred Fitzgerald, global head of the Genesis brand, spoke with the news outlet, saying that while a lot of people still don’t know Genesis is its own brand, he believes entering more segments will help change that.

“There are still many other white spots on the map,” Fitzgerald told Automotive News. “To get substance into your brand, you have to demonstrate the breadth of the brand.”

Currently, the two SUVs scheduled to arrive by 2020 are the GV80 and the GV70. Expect the former to be a large luxury SUV inspired by the concept that debuted in New York earlier this year and the latter to be a size smaller. Genesis hasn’t confirmed the size of the third utility vehicle but included it in a product plan it recently showed reporters. Considering how popular compact crossovers are, it would make sense for Genesis to work to fill that hole in its lineup.

First, though, Genesis plans to take on the compact sports sedan segment with its upcoming G70. Look for that to debut later this year.

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