Nevada Makes It Illegal to Drive Below Speed Limit in the Left Lane


Fines start at $50

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There’s nothing more annoying than driving in the left lane of the highway behind a car going 55 mph. Fortunately for Nevada drivers, lawmakers are taking action to prevent this issue in the future.

A new law in Nevada says it’s illegal to travel below the speed limit in the left lane. The rule went into effect on July 1. So far, at least three people have been ticketed for breaking the law, reports KTNV. While the first incident will only set you back $50, third-time offenders are looking at a fine of $250.

The law allows for a number of exceptions, including emergency vehicles and road maintenance vehicles performing their official duties. But generally, the left lane is designed to be a passing lane.

Speaking with Kolo 8 News Now, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Dan Gordon said driving in the left lane is one of the top reasons for road rage. “What they will do is move over to the second lane, #2 lane, or middle lane. They will pass and then as soon as they clear the car, they will cut back in the fast lane, cutting the driver off that is going below the speed limit. And next thing you know, they are showing each other they are number one, and they are holding up the finger,” Gordon said.

Of course, all of this is not to say that speeding is safe. According to nationwide data gathered by the National Transportation Safety Board, speeding was linked to 112,580 highway deaths between 2005-2014. That’s almost as many fatalities as those linked to alcohol during the same period (112,948).

Source: KTNV, Kolo 8 News Now, NTSB

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