Polish Fans Give Tom Hanks a Customized 1974 Fiat 126


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Everybody knows Jerry Seinfeld loves Porsches, but do you know Tom Hanks loves Fiats? Well, at least on Twitter where the actor is known to pose with Fiat 126s and usually add, “I got a new car!”

Or “So excited about my new car! Hanx,” while attempting to open the door of a sun-beaten red Fiat 126 on a Budapest street.

Hanks wears sunglasses, a gray polo, jeans, and flip-flops in one post. It looks like the comedian was obviously having fun while on vacation and eventually gets the last laugh, too.

Monika Jaskolska is a fan who was inspired by the funny man’s tweets and since last year has used Facebook to make her dream come together. She raised charitable funds for a hospital in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and now wants to gift a customized 1974 Fiat 126p to the actor for her cause.

Hanks thanked Jaskolska recently in a Facebook video and looks forward to seeing his tiny new wheels in America.

The refreshed Polski Fiat is painted white, with matching whitewalls and was donated by a number of sponsors. Carlex Design is one of them and added a light green leather interior with black trim and a white steering wheel for the project. It looks ‘70s cool and very cozy. Something a character like “Forrest Gump” might be happy to drive.

“Bielsko-Biala for Hanks” reads on the speedometer and “One of One” emblems proclaim its exclusivity. The Polish town made the rear-engine economy cars at its plant from 1973 to 2000.

Fiat’s iconic car is nicknamed maluch, the little one in Polish. Original versions of the 500 replacements featured a 594 cc engine with 23 horsepower and 29 lb-ft of torque. Perfect for those long, slow cruises to nowhere.

The Telegraph reports the customized Fiat will eventually be shipped to the actor in the U.S. No delivery dates have been announced, but a recent post on Hanks’ Twitter account shows that he may have already moved beyond funky Fiats.

Now, it seems his latest new car is a 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix convertible in maroon paint with a black top. No worries, Hanks might be able to fit his Polski Fiat in the Pontiac’s back seat—those tiny cars can fit almost anywhere.

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