Styling Size-Up: Dodge Durango SRT vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


Which performance SUV looks the part?

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Not to limit its ambitions to the Charger and Challenger, Fiat Chrysler opened up a whole new category of performance vehicles with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Dodge Durango SRT. Channeling the spirit of a muscle car, these two vehicles cast aside the notion of an SUV as a utility box by offering powerful HEMI V-8 engines. While the Trackhawk is the more aggressive one, producing 707 hp compared to the Durango SRT’s 475 hp, both vehicles are clearly meant for more than hauling kids and gear. The less obvious question is: Which one looks the part?

The changes start with the hood. The Trackhawk features a specially sculpted hood with heat extractors, similar to the Durango SRT, which looks even bolder with its large central air duct. Up front, both vehicles feature square-shaped headlights and grilles. While the Durango SRT has two LED fog lamp units, the Trackhawk eliminates this luxury in order to optimize airflow to cooling modules. Jeep also adorned the headlamps of its model with black accents for a more aggressive look, helping it keep up with the aggressive appearance of the Durango SRT.

Because it’s a three-row vehicle, you’ll undoubtedly notice the Durango SRT is bigger than the two-row Trackhawk. In fact, it’s more than 11 inches longer and has a wheelbase that’s about 5 inches bigger. Both models offer essentially the same ground clearance of about 8 inches. The Dodge has body-color side rocker panels, and also going for the body-color theme, the Trackhawk has same-color rocker panels on the side. Both models offer blacked-out 20-inch wheels.

Moving toward the back of the vehicles, you’ll notice both adopt boxy shapes. While the Trackhawk gets a blacked-out quad exhaust, the Durango SRT makes due with just two exhaust tips. The Trackhawk features standard-looking taillights, but the Durango features connected taillights. Special badging adorn both models, and some of that can be seen here in the rear.

The interiors look oddly identical since both vehicles are made by Fiat Chrysler. They feature the same Uconnect 8.4-inch touchscreen, and just below, the same arrangement of buttons. Both vehicles get a 7-inch digital instrument gauge cluster, and the flat bottom steering wheels also look very similar. Leather and suede seats are standard, and an only-leather interior is also available for both models. Take your pick between the SRT’s Demonic Red Laguna leather or the Trackhawk’s Dark Ruby Red leather.

Which performance SUV do you think looks the best?

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