Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, Matching Speedboat Need New Home


All yours for $2.3 million

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Sure, I guess you could get a Bugatti Chiron with your $2.6 million sitting in that offshore account, but what happens when you park your Bug on the Riviera and climb aboard your black, gray, or white yacht? You’re no longer the absolute center of attention, which is likely half the reason you picked up the Bugatti to begin with. Fear not, you attention-starved millionaire – there’s a bright green 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Roadster with matching powerboat up for sale on eBay if you have the garage and marina space.

According to the sale listing, the current owner commissioned the massive 2017 Marine Technologies “MTI” 52-foot catamaran to match his Lambo, but was forced to sell the pair following an undisclosed “family incident.” We were surprised to see the two share more design similarities beyond the special-order Verde Singh paint – the boat includes Lamborghini-inspired aesthetic touches inside and out.

The boat wears a surprising amount of real Lamborghini components, including the steering wheel, headlights, and door panels. MTI even went through the difficult task of waterproofing real Lamborghini HVAC and infotainment controls, present on the center stack of the boat’s cabin.

We’re well acquainted with the capabilities of the 740-hp, 217-mph Aventador SV, but the MTI’s power figures are something else entirely. Underneath the rear decklid beats a mighty 9.0-liter Mercury Marine V-8, spinning out a monumental 1,550 hp when fueled with race gas. This is enough motivation to push the MTI up to a theoretical top speed of 180 mph, if you’re brave enough.

Head over to eBay to check out the full specs and purchase the pair for a measly $2,195,000.

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