Report: Lamborghini Considering Four-Seat Sports Car


Miura successor is possible

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Lamborghini may have pushed the envelope when it announced it was building an SUV, but the niche supercar company isn’t averse to expanding its lineup even more. According to a new report, Lamborghini is looking into a four-seat sports car, and it may even develop a successor to the Miura coupe.

At this year’s Automotive News Europe Congress, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali said he could see a four-seat sports car arriving “in the 2025 to 2030 horizon.” Pointedly, he said, “We are already thinking about it.” A modern interpretation of the Miura coupe is also possible, but it won’t happen in the next five years, Domenicali noted.

Lamborghini isn’t the only supercar maker to mull the idea of a four-seater. The most obvious example is Ferrari, which brought out the GTC4Lusso. Meanwhile, McLaren hasn’t ruled out the idea.

In the more immediate future, Lamborghini is preparing to roll out the Urus SUV. The model is expected to double Lamborghini’s current sales after it launches in 2018. Prices will start at less than 200,000 euros (roughly $223,000).

One of Lamborghini’s biggest challenges right now is sprucing up its brand image, and maybe a new SUV will help in this regard. “We used to be very polarizing. People loved us or hated us,” Domenicali said. “Now we are trying to be more cool, younger, but as always, different.”

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