Watch Roadkill Pit a Blown Impala Against the Turbo Rotsun


Can either survive a 500-mile road trip and a pass down the drag strip?

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On this episode of Roadkill, David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan pit two project cars against each other to see which one can come out on top. Or maybe if either of them can survive. The goal is to make the 500-mile trip to Tucson Dragway to see how each car does in the quarter-mile and half-mile.

The first is the beloved 1971 Datsun 240Z aka the Rotsun. After breaking the crankshaft in the Chevrolet 4.3-liter V-6, the duo swap in a Ford 5.0-liter V-8. The turbo from an older 7.3-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V-8 was swapped to the new engine. The second car is a 1969 Chevrolet Impala powered by a 498 cubic-inch big block Chevrolet V-8 topped with a supercharger from Hot Rod magazine’s Crusher Camaro. Finnegan wants to use the Impala, while Freiburger wants to take the Rotsun.

After prepping the cars, the duo take their respective cars to different dyno shops to see how much power the cars make. And by prepping, the guys mean major repairs and modifications. Finnegan takes the Rotsun to West Tech, while Freiburger continues to work on the Impala.

On its first pull, the Rotsun made 410.6 hp and 482.6 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. After dyno tuning, the final numbers came out to 429. Hp and 493.1 lb-ft.

Once the Impala is ready, Freiburger heads to West Tech for a disappointing 414 hp at the rear wheels. Freiburger is convinced the supercharger is worn out. With a smaller blower pulley, the Impala is making 465 hp and 514 lb-ft at the rear wheels on four pounds of boost.

Freiburger and Finnegan leave late and make it to Blythe, Calif. on their way to Tucson Dragway. The duo has a few setbacks along the way.

Check out the video below to see how each car fared at the track.

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